101 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Season 5 Premiere Of "Game Of Thrones"

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How the hell is Sam still alive? Spoilers ahead.


1. Thank god for recaps.
2. OK, Tywin died on the shitter. The dragons are going cray. Daenerys is badass.
3. I think I’m caught up.
4. Oh shit, did Lancell kill King Robert? Should I already know that?
5. I forgot Ygritte died. RIP.
6. But I mean, if I fucked Jon Snow I could die happy.
7. UGH, and Oberyn. RIP.
8. Pour some out for Oberyn and Ygritte.
9. JK. I would never pour out alcohol.
10. And here comes the 15-minute intro.
11. Let me get some snacks/call my mom/pay my bills.
12. Wait. Whose HBO Go password am I using right now?


13. Is this little Cersei? She’s got the hair for it.
14. Oh, and the attitude. Damn.
15. Yes, two 12-year-olds should definitely wander the dark forest into the creepy, abandoned hut. What a wonderful idea!
16. Wow, that witch was pretty chill for being woken up abruptly. She basically whispered, “Get out.”
17. This little girl’s a bitch. It’s gotta be Cersei.
18. “The king will have 20 children.” That sounds exhausting.
19. Wait, does that mean there are 20 Baratheon babies running around?
20. Cersei’s braids are a thing of beauty.

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